"Days gone by" digital photobook


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Digital photobook of my project "Days gone by" | 23 pages | PDF format | Sent by e-mail

What lives on of our past? What remains of those who have left us, those we loved who are no longer with us? What has become of them? The places of my childhood appear to be stamped with their mark, their smells, their voices. The trees and the forests evoke the memories of those lost days in infinity. «Days gone by» is a homage to my family and what I have pieced together from my memory and those close to me, from their collection of archives, the stories they told me and my earliest memories. It is a back-and-forth dialogue between past and present, a world sublimated, filled with nostalgia and love, where time stood still, a world where images and sensations are created, a world which no longer exists but lives on in me. «Days gone by» is in many ways my personal quest to save those lost days.